Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post Number One - The About Mee Page

My name is Eden and I've been a writer since before I could write. I had to ask my dad to put the words down on paper for me when inspiration struck.

The initials of my first & middle names - and obviously my home blog - are EE. This was also my nickname growing up. 

Thus, I sometimes modify the spelling of certain words to reflect that, such as poetree, funnee (haha,) and Dougee (my hubby's name is Doug.) 

...Whether this is because I am very narcissistic, a little bit neurotic, or simply enjoy the act of reinventing the English language one word at a time? 

Well, the world may never know.

But most likely it's (d) all of the above.

Anyhow, now that I've clarified all that for ya, we can get down to the fundamentals:

  • Born and raised in the indisputably, incomparably, unbelievably gorgeous San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. (Hence, my total obsession with mountains, trees, and all other things woodland. Seriously.)
  • Now living in a Suburbia-meets-the-Country sort of town, up in Northern Utah. (Something had to humble me, right? Just kidding, I love it here.)
  • In between #'s 1 and 2, I have moved a total of 23 times in my life (...I think. You kinda lose track at like #14 or so.)
  • I'm in my mid-30s. Like, right smack in the middle. And don't you think "smack" is just the most appropriate word for that?
  • Married to my bestestest friend in the whole wide world, who also happens to be my biggest (estest) fan too.
  • We have 3 beautiful children. I'm not bragging here, guys. Gorgeous by no fault of my own; everyone tells me they look nothing like me! Our daughter, 12, is from my first marriage, and we have a 6-yr-old son and a brand-new baby boy. 
  • We also have a ridiculously large Malamute named Sequoia, and an equally (although that's on a relative scale) large hamster named Bronco.
  • I most especially love the miracles in life - God, my hubby, my babies and my dog (and hamster) and everything natural, forest-friendly, or essential oil related... and of course, reading and writing. With a passion.
  • The other things I love are hiking, camping, yoga, drawing, photography, and every craft known to man. Or maybe I should say woman.
  • I also love riding bikes, four-wheelers and snowmobiles, especially when I'm racing them. :) However, I don't do much of the latter these days thanks to the fact that I have a totally whack spine, and would like to avoid surgery at all costs. But back in the day? Let's just say I could race a mean sled, yo. 
So maybe that's more than you care to know. 

But then again, maybe you're just all the more fascinated and can't wait to find out more! (I'm okay with pretending to be that cool. This is the Internet, after all.) 

No seriously though. If you're still dying of curiosity - morbid or otherwise - just subscribe and, when in doubt, remember... 

Keep on readin' 

Oh yeah, I went there. :) Consider yourself invited to come along!